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What Makes Addiction Treatment Successful?

By on Jul 18, 2019 in Blog, Recovery

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Every person with a substance use disorder benefits from cutting-edge care in a respected drug and alcohol treatment center. Yet, from the outside, knowing what makes one program better than the other is hard to pinpoint.

Finding the Best Treatment Option

Most often, it’s a combination of factors that contributes to recovery success. When choosing a drug and alcohol treatment program for your loved one, you want to learn as much as you can about what type of care is provided and what services are accessible. Then, you need to match those services and features with what your loved one needs.

This article provides a look at some of the key elements that can be critical for success, all of which can be found at Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Personalized Approaches to Care

There isn’t a single treatment plan that works for every person. In most situations, doctors and therapists must determine which combination of treatments is going to provide the best possible results for the individual in need. This includes understanding the severity of their addiction and any type of psychological needs that are also present. Even personality factors can play a role in the treatment received.

As you compare addiction treatment centers, be sure they offer personalized care plans. Also, inquire about the level of difference between one person and another. For example, some programs offer holistic care, while others do not. Some treatment centers, like Victory Addiction Recovery Center, incorporate both individual and family therapy sessions.

All-Inclusive Therapy

Another important way to consider differences in programs is by looking at what’s being treated and how it is being done. In most cases, you want the program to be focused on whole-body attention. This should include their medical, social, and psychological needs. Some of the best programs go further by providing support for vocational needs—ensuring your loved one is ready and able to work to rebuild a life. This includes providing a level of aftercare support.

Inpatient and Outpatient Solutions

The most effective programs are also designed to provide care for the length of time that it is necessary. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it’s essential that a person has access to care that fits their timeline needs. Most often, this is at least three months of care. Sometimes, it is much longer. Yet, the location you choose to work with should be able to offer options to fit your loved one’s specific needs. Inpatient care, for example, is beneficial to those who have long-term addiction or severe forms of dependency.

Along these lines, you also want a person to be able to be readmitted should they need to be. If the location you choose doesn’t offer this type of support after discharge, it could limit their ability to succeed long-term. All chronic illnesses have a risk of recurrence. Addiction is the same.

Aftercare Support

Continuing along the same lines, look for a drug treatment program that provides support after a person leaves residential treatment. Aftercare is a type of continuing level of support. Though many people who leave residential treatment feel better and can engage in life more fully, a cure isn’t possible. Rather, your loved one needs to engage in ongoing care and counseling. This type of support helps minimize the risk of relapse. It also helps to ensure a person is growing and thriving in recovery.

Alumni Resources

Finally, at every stage of the process, having someone to talk to that has been there is valuable. Look for a treatment program that incorporates alumni support into the picture.

Alumni programs are an incredible support system and a source of motivation. They can also be one of the best ways to see your loved one to engage fully in the treatment process. The more engaged they are, the more likely they are to have a positive outcome.

There’s no perfect solution, but finding a treatment program that works to incorporate each one of these principles is important. At Victory Addiction Recovery Center, we aim to provide your loved one with the tools and resources necessary to achieve the best possible life in recovery.

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